Turkistan International Airport

The construction of the Turkistan International Airport project has started under the PPP model. The project includes a 3,300 m-long runway, 2 taxiway, 1 service area, an apron that can fit 7 wide-bodied aircraft in parking position, a airport terminal of 10,500 m2, and an additional building of 12,800 m2 on a land area of 905,000 m2. Planned to have an annual capacity of 3 million passengers, the Turkistan International Airport project is also of particular importance as the first “green field” airport developed after the Soviet period. The excavation and filling works for the runway, apron, taxiway, and service area have been completed as of June 2020.

The runway’s asphalt and concrete pavement has been completed by 20%. The assembly of the main steel structure of the terminal building has been completed and mechanical, electrical, facade, and fine works have started. The reinforced concrete production for the additional buildings has been completed by 90% and the steel construction production by 50%. Based on the current progress project, 59.68% has been completed as of the end of June 2020 and the airport is planned to be opened for service at the end of 2020.