Vision & Principles
  • Entering into long-term relationships with all stakeholders based on professionalism and mutual trust
  • Showing due diligence to schedules and technical specifications, and ensuring the timely completion and delivery of projects
  • Recruiting qualified staff and employing a modern management system
  • Developing workforce and promoting higher quality by in-service training
  • Creating team spirit by sharing in equal terms the profit, loss, achievements and errors
  • Making sure the staff is happy and proud to be working for the YDA Group
  • Maintaining high ethical standards
  • Showing due diligence to environmental protection, occupational health and safety
  • Demonstrating civic involvement and social awareness by transferring a portion of the profit to social aid projects supported by Yaşar Dede Arslan Education Culture and Solidarity Foundation
  • Leading in core businesses and offering world-class service
  • Acting with integrity in dealings with the state, consumers, shareholders, employees and suppliers
  • Sustaining customer satisfaction gained by product and service quality by prioritizing customer demands