● Real Estate Development


In the real estate sector, the YDA Group, as an investor, carries out high quality residential projects having special themes and uniquely different recreational areas locally and abroad. YDA Group manages the sales and marketing of properties it develops in-house owing to its experience. YDA Group also plays a significant role in urban transformation projects. Having carried out the first urban transformation project in Istanbul, the YDA Group embarked on further urban transformation projects in Ankara in 2014. Among its real estate development projects are prestigious residence and office projects such as the 2,098-unit YDA Park Avenue Residences, YDA Park Avenue Twin, Nevbahçe Residences, YDA Center Business and Life Center, YDA Söğütözü Residences & Offices with residential and commercial areas, YDA Parkline Residences, YDA West Avenue Residences & Commercial Areas all in Ankara; The Istanbul Residences and YDA Prime Office projects in Istanbul; The Kayseri Forum Residences project in Kayseri; as well as community projects such as the Süleyman Demirel University Social Center and the Uludağ University Social Center. What sets the ongoing real estate development projects apart from others in the industry are their location, abundance of green space, unique recreational areas, reasonable price, customized payment options, high investment value, effective after-sales service network, and high quality and reliable brand recognition.

The YDA Group employs a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program that is specially designed for the company for customer and sales tracking, customer analysis, target mass selection, and market research. Currently, YDA Center and YDA Söğütözü Residences & Offices projects are active users of the CRM program.