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Istanbul Financial Center Halk REIT Towers

Halk Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc. tendered the Halk REIT Towers in 2016. YDA Construction Industry and Trade, Inc. started the construction in 2016, and the targeted date of completion is August 2019. The rate of completion at end of December 2017 was 12.59%.

This mixed project is one of the major components of the Istanbul International Financial Center project coordinated by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and will be built on the Financial Center project area. It consists of two 46- and 34-floor office towers, and three 8-floor commercial buildings. The total construction area of the Istanbul Financial Center Halk REIT Towers project is 409,664 m2. Office towers will be designed to A-class standards and offer premium office space on a par with global standards in Istanbul.