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Istanbul Financial Center Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency Project

The Mass Housing Administration of Turkey issued a tender for the construction of a Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) Building in the Istanbul International Financial Center. YDA Construction Industry and Trade, Inc. carries out the project based on a revenue sharing in return for land sale model. The project designs for the BRSA building were completed and the construction site was arranged and mobilized. Construction started in the first half of 2016 following project approval, and the targeted completion date is January 2020. The rate of completion as of the end of 2017 was 20.35%. The Contract covers any turnkey work related to the common areas catering to offices and the shopping mall, and the office area to be delivered to BRSA.

Shell and core concept will be applied in the construction of the independent office and shopping mall units to be put on sale or lease.

The project, which covers a construction area of 326,000 m2 spreading over a 21,717 m2 lot, consists of 3 blocks rising on a platform of basement+7 floors. The basement and the 1st floor are occupied by shops and a lobby area, and office spaces are located on the upper floors. Two of the 3 blocks consist of a basement+17 floors and belong to YDA. The other block is basement+28 floors and belongs to BRSA. There are 7 underground floors below the basement, which have been allocated to both YDA and BRSA. The areas that belong to BRSA include service areas, parking lots, and technical areas while areas that belong to YDA include parking lots, storage areas, and technical areas. The YDA/ BRSA Project will become the heart of the Financial Center and part of a giant-scale project, a 24-hour open campus, creating jobs for 30,000 people. The purpose of this modern complex is to make Istanbul an international Financial Center, thereby creating a brand. The Istanbul International Financial Center is a strong and prestigious high-end project zone that is designed to become a center of attraction of great value on an urban scale. In this project zone that is unprecedented in Turkey, special emphasis has been placed on creating a harmony among designed buildings, as well as applying an authentic and rich design style. The design of the buildings takes into consideration the LEED criteria, and incorporates innovation, sustainability, and high technology.